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 Post subject: DEPFILE ISSUES
PostPosted: 04 Jul 2016, 12:26 pm 
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First, let me say up front that I am most grateful for everything you guys do with respect to the posts you make available! It is truly a great service you provide, IMHO, and I, for one, appreciate your blog!

Moreover, I am grateful for all you do to the extent that I don't have a lot of respect for the repeated complaints lodged in your general direction because of issues with the platforms to which you post. You are, after all, providing an essentially free service and is it sure NOT as if Depfile problems are ones you have any control over -- unless there is a business arrangement between this blog and Depfile that I am unaware of[!] My general preference is to just wait the storm out and either remain patient or simply choose to not attempt to download the file at issue.

That said, Depfile has become seriously problematic even on the best of days for quite some time now. Even with subscription service [which I have significant difficulty with even signing up for, and my most recent attempts to re-up my Depfile subscription have been met with rejection due to how the rules associated with using major credit cards prevents me from procuring the subscription to begin with], downloads are sluggish and frequently disconnect, requiring one to start over many time. Free downloads have become so tedious as to render them virtually useless.

Until and unless this issue can be cured [or, at minimum, significantly reduced], please post files to Depfile that are in a bit lesser quality -- that require the least number of file parts as possible. If I can download a file that consists only of, say, 3 parts, that will be considerably less an aggravation than a movie that consists of 7, 8, even upwards of 12-14 parts. Besides, reducing video quality to, say, 720x 406 or 640 x 480, although of lesser quality, is still pretty good and absolutely easier to download!

Anyway, that is my though. Consider it for what it's worth. But whether this suggestion is implemented or another one [such as switching to a different server platform], posting such large files on Depfile when Depfile is just generally acting up, is a never-ending source of frustration, and even disincentive, to take very seriously or to even want to subject oneself to!

Again, though, 1,000 thanks for all you post! It is very much appreciated!

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